Saturday, February 13, 2016

Since Jesus is Risen - We Have Certain Hope

The Resurrection and Hope

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Christ is Risen so we can trust God
My wife woke up in the middle of the night and the discussion went like this:

Donna: I am so worried I can’t sleep.
Me: Don’t worry God is in control.
Donna: But we need….
Me: Don’t worry God is in control.
Donna: OK. But I still can’t sleep.

[A] My wife worries.
[B] My wife knows Jesus is risen.
[C] God is in control.
[D] I don’t have to worry.

God, you see, is always in control.

One can easily see that there’s more than logical tension between [A] and [B]. They are based on antithetical foundations. And the resurrection of Jesus confirms [C] and [D].

In America and around the world, people pray, sometimes for hours, to see God answer their petitions. If you attend a church testimony meeting, you’ll see God is answering so many prayers it’s a wonder His hand isn’t permanently extended. And whenever He meets someone’s needs, almost everyone seems to be asking Him for more.

Christ’s popularity is universal among His people because: He died for them, He is risen, and He answers prayers.

“I don’t pray to other gods,” Tony said. “Only Jesus. He’s the only one who came back from the grave. He’s the only one alive. Why would I ask a dead man for help?”

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