Saturday, February 13, 2016

Risen: New Book Maintains the Resurrection of Christ is True

Risen: Introduction

risen Resurrection of Jesus christ
Christ is Risen: The Proof and the Reality are certain
The world should take some time to admire what the Resurrected Christ has accomplished. The Cross and the empty tomb are weighty and influential, to say the least. Before the Resurrection, the Bible to the non-Jewish world was not even a skeptical curiosity: Howdy, look God has spoken to man. The Book of Genesis, an origins story with great explanatory power, was not even cracked open by most the Greeks and Romans. Hello, oh my, look: Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy explain mankind’s need of atonement and how to please God. Now we have found something intimidating. But the world had almost no interest in God’s Word until Christ came: now there are 2.5 Billion people who claim to subscribe to the Bible as God’s word. Why? Because Christ lived, died, and rose from the grave.

Here we are, in the 21st century, and Jesus Christ is still the only religious leader to rise from the grave. If you need to shout after reading that, stand up and holler. David Koresh, who predicted his resurrection, died and stayed dead, Reverend Moon predicted his resurrection, died and remains in his grave, exactly as every guru, prophet, Ayatollah, yogi, and god has for the scope of human history. For Jesus, three days and back to Jerusalem, was the astonishing actuality. If you need to shout, stand up and roar.
If you prefer instead to have a detailed argument over whether or not Jesus is actually alive, or whether one should try to rest one’s worldview on blind faith, I’ve located a Jeb Bush debate training room over in Florida. I will wait there for anyone who wants to have an argument over the truth of Christ’s Resurrection. But before you come, you must read the first two chapters of this book inasmuch as this will sift out all thoughtful skeptics.
The rest of the world should take a moment right now to fully appreciate what Christ has accomplished. The cross and the crown are His, to say the least, because His Resurrection demonstrated that He is Lord over death, hell, and the grave. A century ago, when academia was influenced by logical empiricism, the Resurrection of Christ was merely a skeptical curiosity: Hmm, people claimed a great man survived death. Now humanity knows something far more formidable happened: Wow! The Resurrection changed the entire world.

Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but death and taxes. Oops, only the hand of the IRS in your pocket remains. To find truth one must start with a foundation that provides the rational operational features that under-gird knowledge. Only Christianity supplies these universal and immutable features. So the Resurrection is a necessary component of the worldview that accounts for everything, even the possibility of a Resurrection.
Examine and scrutinize the astonishing evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus in the new book Risen on Amazon HERE

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Risen: New book offers proof for the Resurrection of Jesus

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