Thursday, February 18, 2016

Because Jesus Christ is Risen Things Can Change

The Risen Christ: The Solution to the World’s Problems

by Mike Robinson

risen movie jesus
Christ is risen, He's risen indeed

Selected flanks of the Western world do not appear passionate about defending the Resurrection of Christ. You might think that these times of trouble and terrorism would signal to world how valuable He is as the Prince of Peace, the only one with enough power and love to convert terrorists to a love-based worldview. But instead, conservative politicians have played cautiously and allowed progressives to win the culture wars and most of the partisan battles. Misplaying ISIS makes it official. Radical Islam indirectly aligning with progressives is now the talk. The dark calamitous Islamic world is both the goal of Christian outreach present and the future, and the choice has become so obvious it must be apparent even to seeker-friendly churches.

Radical Islam is pouring destruction and death across the Middle East with no religion confronting it and converting its adherents to peace.

And yet the Resurrection still came to pass. The power and might of Resurrection truth can make a huge impact in the Middle East, but it must be applied under God’s terms. It’s hard to imagine at least one popular false prophet, Muhammad, Islam’s biggest name, disappearing into the dustbin of history—and there are plenty of crummy false prophets in history. But who knows? It might be hard to imagine. Nonetheless, who follows Zeus or Apollo today?
Atlas and Hermes gone one day, and Muhammad the next?
Jesus is risen so things can change
It may not be the situation that you imagined.

Yet who, but God, would have thought that 11 disciples would one day result in 2.5 billion people who profess Christ as Lord. It took a stunning Resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit to change the world. But the world did change and it changed radically because Jesus is risen.

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