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Pastor D Review: "Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding The Death and Resurrection of Jesus"

Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding The Death and Resurrection of Jesus  

Excerpt from Pasor D's review: 

killing jesus
This book, Killing Christ, by Michael A. Robinson is a desperately needed book for the times in which we live. This book is true to the historic Christian faith and is an excellent read. Christianity is under attack all throughout the Western world by humanists, secular atheists, Muslims, and by many liberal and Quasi-Christian organizations and religions. I have been asking every one I know to read the books by this author. They will be a great help to the body of Christ and to every pastor to defend the Christian faith. 

The author is a pre-suppositionalist and this makes his books all the more important and valuable. Iv'e been a pastor for over forty years and I have never found any books on apologetics any more helpful and insightful as the books by Michael A. Robinson. This book on Killing Christ will be a blessing and a challenge to all...
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CHAPTER   1      The Arrest of Christ
CHAPTER   2      The Various Trials of Jesus Christ
CHAPTER   3      Securing the Death of Christ: Salvation
CHAPTER   4      The First Good Friday
CHAPTER   5      The Death of Jesus Christ
CHAPTER   6      Who Killed Jesus?
CHAPTER   7      Evidence of The Historicity of Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection

Appendix A  Quotes on the Cross and The Death of Christ
Appendix B  Christ in The Work of Redemption
Appendix C The Death of Christ
Appendix D Harmony of the Gospel Accounts Concerning The Trial and Crucifixion of Christ
Appendix E Killing Jesus: A History - Book Review
Appendix F Aslan’s Zealot—The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth: A Critique


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