Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Says God Told Him To Write "Killing Jesus"

Bill O'Reilly Writes 'Killing Jesus' Cuz God Told Him To!

bill o'reilly god inspired book 

Move over all you Old Testament prophets who conversed with God. There's a new prophet in town who is  hearing a voice telling him what to say. This modern day delusional has been instructed by God to write a "history" book that will bring joy to the multitudes and make the author even more obscenely rich ($10 million advance)....

O'Reilly: "And I believe because I'm a Catholic that comes from the Holy Spirit. My inspiration comes from I wrote "Killing Jesus" because I think I was directed to write that." Wow, who knew that God and Bill O'Reilly were so close? But it's all part of God's plan because, according to O'Reilly, "I'm just one of many who have been given gifts. I can write. I can bloviate on TV. So I'm trying to use the gifts in a positive way. And I believe that's all directed and that's why I'm here on the planet." 

Bill also reminded viewers that he's a good Catholic and "not a holy roller or an Evangelical Christian." But he asserts that he goes to church and that if he doesn't attend Mass, he "falls so far behind in my repentance I can never catch up."

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O'Reilly's book ignores the atoning aspect to the death of Jesus and he incorrectly asserts that Christ was killed because of tax issues. Instead check out the new book that defends the biblical truth:
 Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding the Death and Resurrection of Jesus HERE

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