Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: Killing Jesus Christ - New Book

In this fully loaded apologetics resource [buy it HERE] Robinson gives a complete biblical account of the events leading up to the illegal trials, killing, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Drawn from numerous ancient documents and archives, the lofty as well as the minutia of facts are examined within the Jewish and Roman proceedings that led to the atoning death of Jesus of Nazareth.
This is a remarkable look at the killing of Jesus Christ, and one that will leave an unforgettable imprint on every reader.

Killing Christ reveals the truth about:

  • The Arrest of Jesus Christ
  • The Various Trials of Christ: An Apologetic Approach
  • The Errors of the Trendy Critics (Bill O’Reilly, Reza Aslan, Bart Ehrman, etc.)
  • The First Good Friday and Its Redemptive Provision
  • The Ancient Rabbinic, Roman, and Non-biblical Historical Accounts
  • The Proof of the Resurrection of Christ: The Facts within an Assured Rational Framework
  • Who Really Killed Jesus?
  • The Evidence of The Historicity of Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection

In Killing Christ, Robinson invites you to experience the most stunning injustice in the history of civil law, conjoined to the supreme triumph of the power of God, and the redemption provided by the death of Christ. The author provides a chronological examination that includes a detailed look at everything from rabbinical law to Roman justice to Christ's courtroom declarations of His divinity. This new volume furnishes a readable examination and analysis of the indictments, preliminary proceedings, trials, and execution of Jesus—great for apologetics and the defense of the faith.

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