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"Killing Jesus Christ" the Book

In present-day literature, of all the themes written about the life and death of Jesus Christ, none
death of christ book
have recurred more frequently than the “historical Jesus.” Naturalistically inclined authors claim the New Testament picture is not reliable, we've been told again and again [see Killing Christ book HERE].

But this snubs the obvious truth. Christ’s life and death are best known through first century Jewish accounts (the New Testament) and not contemporary occidental scholarship. The truth flows from one’s core convictions and makes no sense if severed from the presuppositions that give it force.

To understand the historical content of Christ’s death and life, start with the writers of His period who spoke His language within His culture.

Indeed, early Christianity was basically a movement of disenfranchised Jews who placed great emphasis on human sin and the need of divine redemption. The wickedness involved in the execution of Christ we can recognize and know. Besides, the tragic nature of the crucifixion of Jesus was foreordained to forever solve the problem of sin as it alleviates human condemnation.
This volume aims to correct slurs, while simultaneously positing positive evidence and rational proof that the Gospels reveal the truth about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Bill O’ Reilly, Skeptics, and Killing Jesus

Bill O’ Reilly, author of Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, declared that Jesus merely started “a philosophy”1 and much of the biblical narratives are allegorical and symbolic—not real history. He also suggested that Christians do not worship Jesus Christ but worship the “spirit of Jesus.”2 He’s convinced that Christ’s main undertaking was to teach men how to live. I have no doubt that Christ’s moral teaching is as important as it is profound, yet His primary mission was to die to set men free. Many other skeptics and liberals have mounted quests for the historical Jesus and have landed not far from where O’ Reilly takes his readers. Ultimately the Bible holds, as the skeptics have found nothing. But skeptics will continue to publish books about their new theories on the life and death of Christ even though we have an infallible account of Christ in the New Testament.

Beyond Bill O’ Reilly, few disbelieving sleuths believe that Jesus Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 4:5) and rose from the grave in victory (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). I do. And not only that, I know with full certainty. Some contend Christ was a good teacher who died because of a tragic set of accidents. Still a few others say that Christ never existed, thus never died.

Of course, theories abound in cases of history were evidence is scarce. But as the reader will discover, there exists not only deep layers of historical data for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, there are potent logical reasons why such must be the case.

My objective is to lay out the evidence for the truth of the Gospel’s narratives and demonstrate that theories by skeptics (O’ Reilly, Aslan, etc.) not only have several faults, but what they pen, when it is inconsistent with the scriptural accounts of Christ, cannot possibly be true. I will argue:  

  • God is.
  • His word has been revealed.
  • Scripture reveals the truth about Christ’s arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection; the contrary is impossible.

Indeed, Jesus Christ died. He was crucified. Nevertheless, His illegal execution was merely the beginning of a comprehensive transformation in history. Since Jesus’ death and resurrection, it often appears that the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God have traded places. Christ's outlook, however, was a bold and challenging assurance. The kingdom Jesus launched is the one we still see expanding today.


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