Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christ is Worth it All

 Xerxes the king of Persia once boarded a boat. Later it began to sink because there were too many men aboard. The ship started sinking; sinking more and more; it appeared that all aboard would drown. But an officer called out to the shipmen: “Are you not willing to sacrifice and die for your king?” Suddenly almost all the men leaped out of the boat into the water and drowned in order to save their king.

The question for Christians: How much will you sacrifice for your King? Most Christians will not be called to forfeit their life for their faith, but how much will you sacrifice in order to serve others for your King?
   We should aim to serve King Jesus and love others since James calls an undefiled and pure religion one that helps the widows and the poor.
Jesus Came and Gave Himself for His People
Jesus comes to His sheep by His glorious grace through His Word and Spirit to save us. Jesus “gave Himself for me” (Titus 3).
Christians ought to ponder:
  • Trouble comes—but Jesus came.
  • Failure comes—but Jesus came.
  • Problems and pain come—but Jesus came.
And Jesus Christ comes to bring peace, joy, hope, and cheerfulness to all who trust Him (Romans 5:1 & 15:13). Today give Jesus full swing of your heart as He declares to you that He will pardon every sin; heal every wound; and overcome every trouble. Christ comes, swiftly, in a full gallop upon His victory horse to triumph for His people. Yearn for Him and you will find peace for your soul no matter how things unfold.
As the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants for you, O God (Psalm 42:1).
Jesus has Conquered!

 Jesus is mighty to save; mighty in battle, mighty in reassurance, and mighty in conquest. We must abide in Jesus. In our shame, we must hurl ourselves upon Jesus. When we fall, when we are crowded-in by trouble, when we find ourselves desiring relief, we must turn to Jesus Christ and all the force of Hell’s fury will not pry the arms of Jesus from us; He’s master and Lord. He’s a saving Savior who will never let us go.
It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness (Charles H. Spurgeon).
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