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New Book: Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding The Death and Resurrection of Jesus 


An extraordinary conspiracy of injustice, cruelty, as well as religious and political interests sentenced an innocent man to the cruelest method of execution ever developed. Yet, the target was no mere victim, He was the Redeemer. Jesus as God and man came to die in the place of humanity. The
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Bible, Talmud, Mishnah, and Roman historians reveal that the Son of God was illegally arrested, tried, and executed. How did such a thing come to be? Who were the spectators, the authorities, frauds, and scoundrels? Why was Christ’s arrest illegal under Hebrew law? What was it like at Gethsemane during the arrest, or in the chambers of the chief priest as the interrogations of Christ took place? What can an apologetics approach, using Hebraic sources, tell us about the meaning of the last words Jesus uttered on the cross? With the massive amount of evidence for the resurrection of Christ, why can we go beyond probability to full certainty that Christ is risen? This captivating work will answer those questions in a way that will keep the pages turning.

In Killing Jesus Christ, Robinson invites you to experience the most stunning injustice in the history of civil law, conjoined to the supreme triumph of the power of God, and the redemption provided by the death of Christ. The author provides a chronological examination that includes a detailed look at everything from rabbinical law to Roman justice to Christ's courtroom declarations of His divinity. This new volume furnishes a readable examination and analysis of the indictments, preliminary proceedings, trials, and execution of Jesus—great for apologetics and the defense of the faith.

With all the skeptical assaults on the meaning of the death, life, and resurrection of Christ, this innovative volume is a must for every Christian, minister, and apologist—it will be a book that you will give away many times to friends. This is so because it is serious (it contains informed analysis of relevant biblical truths), rational (it is well-argued), potent (it holds the reader's attention through gripping illustrations), and spiritual (it will set you ablaze for God).

The death of Jesus stands at the very center of Christianity. Still, many are confused about the reasons for the killing of Jesus, for many deviant views are saturating the media.

Killing Jesus Christ reveals the truth about:

  • The Arrest of Jesus Christ

  • The Various Trials of Christ: An Apologetic Approach

  • The Errors of the Trendy Critics (Bill O’Reilly, Reza Aslan, Bart Ehrman, etc.)

  • The First Good Friday and Its Redemptive Provision

  • The Ancient Rabbinic, Roman, and Non-biblical Historical Accounts

  • The Proof of the Resurrection of Christ: The Facts within an Assured Rational Framework

  • Who Really Killed Jesus?

  • The Evidence of The Historicity of Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection

The publication of Killing Jesus Christ is indeed an event. What is intended here is an account of the arrest, trials, death, and resurrection of Christ which does justice to the full sweep of biblical testimony and the ancient historical sources (the Talmud, Mishnah, Targums, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Roman archives). What is accomplished is something on the order of a vigorous defense of Christian truth—an appropriation of the data, evidence, and facts within a synthesis of the foundational necessity of Christian theism.

Killing Jesus Christ is a valuable resource for students of the gospels, and a highly stimulating volume for all interested in Christian truth. The section on the harmony of the Gospel accounts, regarding the trials and crucifixion, alone makes this a valuable tool for apologetics. It will be hard to come away from this book without a feeling of having been enriched and challenged. This is a book that will be formative for average Christians and scholars as well as students and pastors—the author is clear, accessible and passionate.

The new fascinating book Killing Jesus Christ is available HERE


Mike Robinson, author of dozens of books on apologetics, the long-time pastor of Christ Covenant Church and instructor at CCBS.

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